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On a Writer's Mind

Loved Lincoln (movie)!

From my research for Back to the Day Lincoln Was Shot and First Ladies: Women Who Called the White House Home, I have definite ideas about what Abe and Mary Lincoln were really like. It was thrilling to see my ideas come to life in the movie with Daniel DayLewis,  Read More 
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Holiday special!

December only: 30% off Beatrice Gormley!

Mail-Order Wings ebook only $1.99
More Fifth Grade Magic ebook only $1.99
The Ghastly Glasses ebook ebook only $1.99
Sky Guys to White Cat ebook only $1.99
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The Writing Life

Don’t get the impression that the writing life is a bed of roses. It can be frustrating, disappointing—even dangerous. Like the time I dropped the Harper-Collins Bible Dictionary on my bare foot. Ow! The Harper-Collins Bible Dictionary must weigh 15 pounds. I was limping around for days.
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Long before my first book was published, I learned that real writers never, ever, publish themselves. The only way to become a professional writer, everyone said, was for your work to be accepted by a mainstream publisher who would give you an advance and pay you royalties. “Self-publishing” meant that you  Read More 
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Why read classics?

Every once in a while I get an impulse to read a classic novel. Last summer it was Huckleberry Finn; last month it was The Great Gatsby. It’s always rewarding. It’s always inspiring for my own writing. Not that I’m going to write about life on the  Read More 
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What am I reading now?

I’ve been noticing mentions of Tim O’Brien’s novel The Things They Carried, about soldiers in the Vietnam War, for years now. But I was afraid it would be unbearably grim, so I didn’t read it. Finally this Memorial Day weekend I realized the book has become a classic  Read More 
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Here goes

First blog ever!

For the longest time I couldn’t imagine writing a blog, because a) I’d waste time blogging when I could be writing an actual book, and b) more important, how could I write to strangers? Wouldn’t my blog turn out like one of those obnoxious holiday letters to Dear Everyone?

Then I thought, But the people who read my books aren’t strangers. We already have a connection. I’ve liked every single reader who’s ever talked to me or written me a message. I can write to those people!

As for the time, I could try blogging once a week. Which is about as often as I email my sister, and that's easy to fit in.

* * * * * * *
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Friends and enemies

Reading the New York Times science section the other day, I was struck by an article about how having enemies at school can “enhance social and emotional development” for kids. Omg.

I was carried right back to seventh grade, when I started junior high school and suddenly felt like I was in  Read More 
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What am I writing?

What am I working on now? That’s what people always ask. And I always want to answer that I’m working on a book under contract. The truth is, at the moment I’ve got three projects going, but they’re all kind of up in the air:  Read More 
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