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On a Writer's Mind


Long before my first book was published, I learned that real writers never, ever, publish themselves. The only way to become a professional writer, everyone said, was for your work to be accepted by a mainstream publisher who would give you an advance and pay you royalties. “Self-publishing” meant that you paid a “vanity” publisher to print and advertise your book. They did place advertisements in appropriate newspapers and magazines, but no booksellers, customers, or reviewers paid any attention to them. Your publisher delivered a truckload of books to your garage--and you were on your own.

Thirty-plus years and thirty-plus published books of mine later, things have changed. If you can produce a manuscript as a Word file, you can get it published and distributed for FREE. Sure, you’ll have to promote it yourself, but nothing new about that! Check out the link on the left to the Smashwords presentation.
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