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Laura Ingalls Wilder, Young Pioneer

Author of the "Little House" books

As a pioneer girl in the woods of Wisconsin, or on the prairies of Kansas, Minnesota, and Dakota Territory, Laura never dreamed of becoming a writer. She was too busy fighting fires, pitching hay, braving raging floods, and surviving sub-zero winters. But she would grow up to tell the story of her family's adventures on the frontier in her best-selling series of novels, beginning with "Little House in the Big Woods."
What most readers don't know is that Laura left many adventures untold. Here is the exciting and true story of one of America's best-loved writers.

Praise for Laura Ingalls Wilder, Young Pioneer

This is a nice biography of one of the world's most beloved children's authors. Laura's strength of character and fascinating life come alive as her story is told from early childhood to her golden years when she wrote the "Little House" books. This will especially delight children who have read the series and want to know more about the "real" Laura.

Parent Council Reviews, September 2001 (Vol. 9, No. 1)
Reviewer: A. Braga