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On a Writer's Mind

What am I writing?

What am I working on now? That’s what people always ask. And I always want to answer that I’m working on a book under contract. The truth is, at the moment I’ve got three projects going, but they’re all kind of up in the air:
--A proposal and sample chapters for Fading Lily, a YA novel about a girl, Lily, who goes to stay with her father and his live-in girlfriend for the summer. Lily loves dogs, so she’s happy to get a job working at a doggie day care center, especially since one of the customers is this very appealing guy, Nick. But then her father’s girlfriend discovers a way to siphon off Lily’s youth for herself. That’s right—the girlfriend gets younger as Lily gets older.

--A proposal and sample chapters for Daughter of Liberty, a YA historical novel about a Boston shoemaker’s daughter, Sally, in the months leading up to the Boston Tea Party. Sally falls in love with James, the son of a Tory customs official. Sally’s older brother, Ethan, belongs to the rebellious Sons of Liberty, Sally’s loyalties are torn, and all three of them are entangled in the exciting but dangerous events of 1773.

--Ideas and research notes for a YA historical novel based on the Book of Ruth. Before you say, “Why Ruth, that boring person whose only claim to fame was being so devoted to her mother-in-law?” look at a topographical map of what is now the country of Jordan. It’s an obstacle course of ravines and canyons. That’s the route that Ruth had to take on foot, accompanying Naomi from Moab to her original home on the west side of the Jordan River. There were no highways or bridges. Bandits and patrols from warring tribes roamed the land. Ruth would have to be one brave and capable girl to get herself and Naomi safely to the other side of the river.
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