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More Fifth Grade Magic

More fifth grade fun!

Amy's friend Gretchen had warned her: "Magic just gets you in a terrible mess." But Amy couldn't imagine what that meant . . . until she discovered that her calendar had magic powers. All she had to do was write something on her calendar . . . and it happened!
The trouble was, she had to be very careful about how she worded her calendar wishes. When she wished she could be in two places at once, it turned out to be pretty embarrassing. Her clothes turned up in only one place!
But it was when Amy wished her mother would change her mind (and forgot to say about what) that things really began to get out of control . . and Amy found out what Gretchen meant by A TERRIBLE MESS!

Praise for More Fifth Grade Magic:

"The fast-paced action, believable magic elements, and touches of humor make this an appealing book for young readers." Booklist

"The fantasy is fun and fast-paced, keeping readers wondering what magic will happen next." School Library Journal

"This fast-paced, funny sequel to 'Fifth Grade Magic' is light reading that quickly moves to a satisfying conclusion." Childhood Education