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The Ghastly Glasses

The huge eye stared at them through the rainy dusk.

Was this the right optometrist? Aunt Bets is convinced that it is, but Andrea thinks it's all pretty strange. The sign on the door says BIRPP - Borderline Institute for Research in Psychic Phenomena, explains Valerie Weirse, the white-coated woman inside. Andrea does get a pair of glasses there, although she's not sure what Valerie Weirse means by "the improvements that are possible with them."
But Andrea soon finds out. When she uses the glasses' magical powers, strange problems pop up at home and school. In the end, she has to decide how to foil Ms. Weirse's terrible plans for the Ghastly Glasses.

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Praise for "The Ghastly Glasses"

"Gormley will elate readers with the sequel to Mail-Order Wings." Publishers Weekly

"There's more magical mischief afoot in this sequel to Mail-Order Wings. . . . Those who enjoy their fantasy light, safe, and fifth-grade funny will enjoy another improbable romp." Booklist

"The humor, drama, and suspense of the story make it a delightful page-turner; and the characters are as eccentric and engaging as the plot." The Horn Book