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Back to the Titanic!

Can Matt, Jonathan and Emily save the great ship? Can they save themselves?

Can they save the great ship?

Matt and Emily's great-grandfather is an inventor, and he's just created the greatest invention of all - a way to travel through time. He plans to return to the Titanic, which he sailed on as a boy, and try to save it. But when he breaks his ankle it looks as if his plans have been ruined.
Until Matt, Emily, and Matt's best friend, Jonathan, find the invention. Jonathan, a real science whiz, figures out how to make it work. In a snap, the three kids travel back nearly one hundred years. They are on the Titanic!
Can they save the great ship before it hits the iceberg and sinks to the bottom of the ocean? And more important, will they be able to get back to the present time?

Praise for Back to the Titanic!

A seventh grade teacher in Ontario, Canada, writes:

Our school is very special in that all students here are either blind or have low vision or other visual impairments. We have just completed a novel study of Back to the Titanic. Some of us read it in large print and others read it in Braille. . . . We wanted you to know that we think your book was "cool," "super," "neat," "excellent," and "I'd recommend it to students anywhere!" . . . As a teacher, I found the book exciting and a great resource. I really enjoyed how you mixed fact with fiction. . . . Thanks for your great book.

Mrs. Mary Martin, W. Ross Macdonald School

A fifth grade teacher in Kentucky writes:
"I am also the book coordinator for my school. One of your books, Back to the Titanic, is on our list. It is wonderfully written. I really enjoyed reading it, and have used it as a read aloud. Several of my non-readers (they hate to read) have asked to borrow the book. They have even gone out and bought a few of the others."
--Deirdre DeWald