Dinosaur National Monument, photo by SILBECL

When I was growing up in the hills above the San Fernando Valley, I loved hiking through the sagebrush with a jackknife in my pocket. I made up stories about the adventures I might have: discovering a lost civilization, joining a tribe of Native Americans, encountering some wondrous wild animal . . .
I now hike through the woods and fields of Massachusetts with my faithful dog, Brady.

Richard and the Vratch

Richard doesn't know what it is, but it's in terrible danger!

Exploring the hills near his house, Richard sees an odd drawing and hears eerie sounds: "vratch, vratch." Is a strange animal hiding in the sagebrush, or is it Richardís imagination? Whatís the matter with Richardís new dog?. And why is that creepy cryptozoologist, Dr. MacNary, so interested in him? By the time Richard learns the answers, only he can save his beloved hillsóand the vratches.

*Cryptozoologist=a scientist who studies undiscovered species.

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What is a vratch? Richard doesn't know, but it's in danger . . .