First Ladies, third edition

Scholastic Inc.
Biography for ages 8 and up
95 pages
130 black & white photographs
Paperback $7.99
ISBN 978-0-545-36131-6

First Lady Michelle Obama

First Ladies: Women Who Called the White House Home

New edition includes Michelle Obama and many updates.

Who were the First Ladies?

They were athletic and non-nonsense, like Bess Truman; they were sophisticated society beauties, like Jacqueline Kennedy; they were pioneer women, like Anna Harrison. They were artists, like Ellen Wilson, or businesswomen, like Lady Bird Johnson, or teachers, like Laura Bush.
Some First Ladies, like Eleanor Roosevelt and Abigail Adams, were independent thinkers who were well ahead of their time, and whose husbands listened to their opinions.
These are the funny, romantic, shocking, and sometimes tragic stories of the women who helped to shape our nation.
Large size and dramatic pictures add to the appeal of this book.

Honor for First Ladies

Barbara Bush with Beatrice and husband Robert at President G.H.W. Bush Library

First Ladies, Third Edition, was chosen for the Reading Discovery Program with Barbara Bush, 2011. Beatrice appeared on the program with the former First Lady.

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